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A little blog about the things I see, food I make and the runs I take, which nourish me in so many ways.

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Ruins Website

This is a great website that looks at some of the old buildings in Detroit and how they used to be in their glory days. 

Hope you enjoy!

(Source: dezeen)

Artist Feature: RBC Emerging Artist Apprenticeship Program at the Nina 


This month, we are putting another twist on our monthly artist features by featuring not one but five artists from the Nina Haggerty’s new RBC Emerging Artist Apprenticeship Program. Read on below to find out more about the program and about each of the artists…


The Nina…

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Person of the Year runner-up: Fabiola Gianotti, Higgs boson scientist 

Finding the tiny Higgs Boson took the biggest machine in the arsenal of physics — and help from one woman obsessed with the nature of reality. Read more here.

(Photo: Levon Biss for TIME)

I really really happen to be curious on why there are less than 500 notes on this incredible woman

Your last word explains why

When you release what you believe to be the most beautiful publication that you’ve ever done, but the only messages you get from your colleagues are to point out the typo on page 23.


lovely lil’ machine 


lovely lil’ machine 

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